Where do you eat in Louisville late on a Saturday? Wick’s!

My companion and I took a long weekend to Louisville. Little did we know, if you take a nap and wake up at 9pm… slim pickings on dinner. Places like to close about 9, 10, or 11. The only reliable option, pizza!

I looked at the trusty Urbanspoon and it sent me to Wick’s. The street was very energetic with people going to bars and live music. Wick’s was pretty grungy looking much like Houndogs that we all know and love. While the pizza was not Houndogs, it was delicious! Here’s what we got:


This is the Stuffed Breadwick. Cheese & Pep in a home-made dough. Do it!


We were so hungry we dug in before the photos. All the topping are under the cheese, and there’s lots of cheese. Man, this was a great dish. Good sauce, not too sweet or tangy. The dough was probably one of the greats out there.

Critique Scores (Highest Values = 5)

Service: 4
Atmosphere: 2
Food Taste & Quality: 4
Presentation: 2
Recommendation: No frills. Good food. Award winning.


Wick’s Pizza Original Location
(4 total locations)
975 Baxter Ave, Lousiville, Ky, 40204
Parking: Metered Street

Wick's Pizza Parlor on Urbanspoon


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